Paris Dennard got the boot from CNN back in August after The Washington Post dropped a bombshell story about the Trump worshiper getting fired from Arizona State University for sexual harassment in 2014. Even Fox News wouldn’t hire him but now he managed to make it on the BBC and the network is being reminded of the Republican’s history.

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After Michael Cohen slammed Trump during his testimony today, the BBC managed to dig up Dennard, who babbled, “I don’t find him (Donald Trump) to be a racist, I wouldn’t support a racist…the things that he has done for the American people, especially the Black community, have been profound, significant, impactful and positive.” All despicable lies — unless you count the Obama policies that Trump takes credit for. See below:

The BBC is getting slammed. One user wrote, “So BBC is paying this guy since he lost his gig on US cable news because of his obnoxious bullying behavior and denigrating attitude and statements towards other panelists and hosts?”

Reporter Jamie Nesbitt Golden wrote, “Hey BBC maybe next time choose a black Republican who hasn’t been accused of sexual misconduct. I know that might be difficult, considering.”

In case you missed, back in August, the Washington Post dropped a story that he got the pink slip from Arizona State University. According to their report, in one incident he told a recent graduate he wanted to have sex with her and “pretended to unzip his pants in her presence, tried to get her to sit on his lap, and made masturbatory gestures.” In the 2014 report, Dennard didn’t deny the accusation but said it was just a joke — sounds like he was defending deplorable behavior even before Trump.

Another woman in the report said Dennard touched her “neck with his tongue” and “came up behind EMPLOYEE 1 during another [McCain Institute] event and whispered in her ear that he wanted to ‘f—’ her.” The report claims he admitted to this inappropriate behavior.

Dennard was placed on administrative leave in the fall of 2014 and was “involuntarily separated” in early 2015.

In response to the report, Dennard told the Post, “he had not seen the full report and ‘was led to believe’ it was ‘sealed and proprietary.’” He also added, “I cannot comment on items I have never seen regarding allegations I still believe to be false. This is sadly another politically motivated attempt to besmirch my character, and shame me into silence for my support of President Trump and the GOP.”

Dennard was fired from CNN.

In a long piece for proudly racist site Breitbart, Dennard called him being exposed as a “political hit job” and CNN fired their only Black Republican — it is hilarious that Dennard had been denying race, and racism from his own president, for years, but when he is fired, it is suddenly racism.

Dennard also compared himself to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who claimed it was a “high tech lynching” when he was questioned about sexual harassment in 1991. Dennard wrote, “The more things change, the more they remain exactly the same. Just ask former presidential candidate Herman Cain, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, activist Candace Owens, and now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh.”

But again, not even Fox News hired him. There is always an expiration date for willing to sell out your own people.


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