Beijing's forced disappearance of one of China's most prominent international officials shows the government appears ready to sacrifice anything, including its international reputation, to safeguard the Chinese Communist Party. Source link
The number of civilians killed or injured by airstrikes in Afghanistan has risen a startling 39% year on year, according to new UN figures, casting fresh scrutiny on the use of air power by the US and its...
Authorities in China's far-Western Xinjiang province appear to have officially legalized so-called "re-education camps" for people accused of religious extremism, just over a month after it denied any such centers exist. Source link
In an exclusive interview with CNN, the wife of Interpol's former chief says she fears for her life and that of her twin boys after her husband was detained by Chinese officials, in the latest case of a...
Four people have died after they were swallowed up by a massive sinkhole in a Chinese city, despite desperate rescue efforts to save them. Source link
Thirty Indian girls are recovering at a government-run boarding school in the country's eastern Bihar state after they were beat up by a group of teenage boys -- and their parents -- on Sunday. Source link
The head of Interpol, who vanished after taking a flight to Beijing, is being held and investigated for corruption, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security said in a statement Monday. Source link
India's Supreme Court is generating positive newspaper headlines thanks to a spate of progressive judgments, but not everyone is celebrating. Source link
Over 5,000 people could still be missing in Indonesia following last month's devastating earthquake and ensuing tsunami, with the death toll reaching 1,763, officials said Sunday. Source link
India could soon be faced with the threat of US sanctions following a controversial $5 billion weapons deal with Russia, a move analysts say poses more of a headache for Washington than it does Delhi. Source link


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