The Ethiopian government has inaugurated a $120 million waste-to-energy plant in an attempt to curb the city's mounting waste problem. Source link
Kenyans are standing together in the wake of a terrorist attack where at least 21 people were killed after armed men stormed a hotel complex in the Nairobi capital. Source link
A man who survived a ferry capsizing in Tanzania described the harrowing ordeal that left six of his relatives dead and the East African nation mourning 223 people killed in the latest maritime disaster. Source link
Three years ago Francisca Awah was living in modern slavery as a domestic worker. Now she's received an award for helping others find freedom. Source link
Seated in a stylish living room of a home in a suburb of Nigeria's commercial center, Lagos, Basil Okpara Jr. is tapping away on his laptop keyboard. Source link
The US government has imposed visa restrictions on Nigerians who tried to undermine the country's democracy during February's general elections. Source link
Lagos, Nigeria, is an African boom city, no doubt. But traffic is so 'hellish' and gridlocked that it's taking a terrible toll on workers who grapple with commutes that last for hours. Source link
Kenya has introduced a new anti-poaching technique involving specially-trained sniffer dogs to crack down on illegal shipments of ivory and rhino horns out of the country. Source link
The ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday was packed with humanitarian workers and international experts, many of whom were bound for a major United Nations environmental summit in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Source link...
An ancient port used to transport stones for the construction of temples and obelisks has been discovered in Egypt, according to the country's Ministry of Antiquities. Source link


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