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Amari Allen with her dad during an interview Fairfax, VA — Amari Allen, a 12-year old Black girl from Virginia, said her three white male classmates attacked her on the playground at their school, and then pinned her down and...
Singleton, the first African-American filmmaker to be nominated for a Best Director Oscar, suffered a stroke earlier this month. Source link
A grand jury declined to press charges against two Colorado Springs police officers who were filmed shooting and killing a black teen earlier this year.As BuzzFeed News reports, the jury decided Wednesday that the officers were...
"Don’t succumb to the pressure to make this some sort of an affirmative action pick," he recalled telling the president. Source link
Members of the The Charles R. Drew Public Charter School’s Varsity Boys Golf Team Atlanta, GA — The Charles R. Drew Public Charter School’s Varsity Boys Golf Team in Atlanta, which has all Black players and an all Black coaching...
St. Lawrence County, NY — Thirteen people were recently arrested for defrauding the Department of Social Services out of more than $104,000, which is considered the largest welfare fraud sweep Source link
Nationwide — Health and safety in the workplace is not just about legal compliance or box-ticking. Putting the safety and health of your employees first will have a knock-on effect in that it will ensure that they feel valued...
Houston, TX — The family of Margaret Roberts, a Black firefighter with the Houston Fire Department who died battling cancer directly caused by her work as confirmed by the fire department Source link
Three on-air anchors recounted their experiences at news networks, which aren't always accepting of Black women's natural hair. Source link
Atlanta, GA — Master Business and Sales Coach Wendy Y. Bailey released her latest title, I Charge for That, on July 10. This business and life-changing book aims to equip Source link


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