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Photo: iStockIn the latest case of what one apparently cannot do and be black in this country, a 10-year-old black child is facing an assault charge because he (allegedly) hit another child (and, yes, a white child) in...
Amanda Seales is a lot of things: comedian, intellect, actress, opinionated Instagram commentator, among many other labels. But did you know she’s also the host of one of the best game shows the world has ever seen? Seales created...
Al Crawford, author and inventor Nationwide — Wow, how many folks out there watch YouTube videos to learn how to tie a necktie? Remember having an important event or social to attend and couldn’t find anyone help you tie your...
Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)For former Trump administration officials, there are really only two places to go after leaving the White House: reality TV or Fox News, which is really reality TV for white people who hate the...
By Legrand H. Clegg II Nationwide — Several months ago, I wrote an article claiming that one of the driving forces behind White racism and animosity toward Black people is Source link
Former staffers at Relevant magazine claim Cameron Strang was an "egotistical" leader who was privately reluctant to listen and learn from marginalized voices. Source link
"I realized there was a pocket of America and the internet that was insolently angry and anti-Semitic," Chris Weitz explains. Source link
Screenshot: Katie Pocasangre Montoya (Facebook)Well, it looks like one of the things our largest trading partner is importing from the USA is good old xenophobic American racism.In a recent video in which a white man is berating a...
San Francisco, CA — Mobile notaries are commonplace in the Bay Area, ready to notarize a variety of documents – anytime, anywhere. That’s why colleagues of Yvonne Sidell were skeptical Source link
Zandra Cunningham brings her award-winning artisan skincare product line to Target Stores nationwide. Her exclusive product with the chain is a “Treat Yo Self” gift box that celebrates Black History Source link


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