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Bronx-born American sweetheart Cardi B has been hit with a $1 million lawsuit by a blogger who claims a war of death threats followed a lie Cardi told about them on social media.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, celebrity blogger Latasha K has filed suit two months after Cardi sued her for defamation. K, who says she runs a YouTube account with more than 500,000 followers, posted a video with another blogger that Cardi privately asked her to remove from the site. K offered to do an interview with Cardi to discuss her issues with the video, and Cardi declined.

Cardi also took issue with remarks about her daughter, Kulture, according to The Blast. K claimed that Kulture would be born with “intellectual disabilities” due to the rapper’s alleged drug use during pregnancy in a video before Kulture’s birth, according to TMZ.

In response, Cardi issued a warning to the blogger in late 2018. “I’m gonna sue you for defamation of character because I let that b—h play and talk shit about me, but when you talk shit about my daughter “ Cardi said on Instagram Live. “B—h you a whole f—king weirdo. A b—-h that’s 40 years old and pregnant too, and then all you can do is talk s—t about me, ho. F—k outta here.”

K claims that “Cardi B began to publicly defame Ms. Kebe, referring to her as ‘this blogger lady, by stating that Ms. Kebe makes up fake stories; harasses all of Cardi B’s friends; constantly stalks Cardi B; falsely claims that she has legitimate sources giving her information about Cardi B; uses Cardi B’s name for ‘click bait’; and many other false accusations.”

K says she has received “gang-related” threats as well, and has had to relocate as a result of the targeted harassment. She also claims to be losing money due to declining subscribers and ad money. K says she is pregnant and suffering from anxiety, panic, humiliation and depression.

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